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Exporting Value Lists

Question asked by gregaber on Oct 30, 2009
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Exporting Value Lists


OS 10.6, FM Pro Advanced 10.0v3



I have a developed a database that has drop down value lists for certain fields. I have multiple clients using the generic database but each client has specific values in the value lists. The value lists themselves are the same from client to client, but the values stored within each value list contains unique values. So same structure, different values.


When I revise my generic database I want to roll out the update to my clients. I can export the records from the old version of their database and import into the new version. However, I need to be able to export the value lists from their database as well so I can import into the new version. Otherwise I'm having to manually copy-paste from the old to the new(!).


How can I export the value lists as well?


Level of experience is <2 months, so I know just enough to be dangerous. 


I'm using a standalone runtime version for some clients and for other clients, a version that uses a PC running a licensed FMPro that others access over the LAN via Instant Web Publishing.