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    Exporting--Values Changed?



      Exporting--Values Changed?


      Hello folks,

      I seem to have a very strange exporting issue with Filemaker Pro. When exported, instead of values of "0" or "1" which are coded for, some values shift to "10".


      The field is a simple "yes or no" checkbox. I think a problem may have arisen when I switched the codes (0 for yes to 0 for no, 1 for no to 1 for yes) and re-entered information. It doesn't seem as though newer entries have this issue---just the ones that were present for both values...

      Can anyone help with this? 


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          Changing the value list used with a field does not change the data stored in it. If the value list format is radio buttons or checkbox group, the value list can obscure the fact that other data not matching any value in the value list is present in the field. You can put a copy of this field formatted as an edit box instead of check boxes to see the actual data currently present in the field so that you can find and remove the erroneous data.