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Extend Found Set and Maintain Record Position

Question asked by mperley on Apr 27, 2013
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Extend Found Set and Maintain Record Position


     My solution has a "Salesperson" privilege set that ensures a user can only see his/her own records. It also has a script that grabs the primary key of the record selected in a portal and performs a find on that primary key in a different layout (a GTRR script step did not work in this case).

     As it should, this script contrains the found set to the selected record. However, the behavior I'm trying to achieve is simply go to the selected record in the found set that contains all records created by that user. For users with access to all records regardless of creator, I accomplished this by performing a "Show All Records" as the last script step. However, doing this for the "Salesperson" privilege set shows a lot of <No Access> records (which I'm trying to avoid).

     I've tried to re-set the found set by performing a find and extending the found set such as _pk_contactID=*. This prevents all of the <No Access> records from showing, but it fails to show the record previoulsy selected from the portal (I think it is going to the first record in the found set). Is there a way to overcome this?