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    Extend found set using a quick find



      Extend found set using a quick find


           In a list view i have a global field books::find with a script set to run on object save:

           Set error capture on

           Perform quick find [books::find]

              If [get last error = 401 ]

              Show custom dialog [alert no books found]

              set field [books::find; ""]

              go to field [books::find]

             Halt script

           End If

           set field [books::find ""]


           I would like to have some way of extending the found set. say by a global field, that if it has a value would extend the set, but can't seem to get this to work with the quick find script stet. Is there a way to do this. Thanks for any help

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               Quick Find does not have any built in capabilities for extending the found set. Achieving that result with quick find will be a bit complex. What advantage is there for you in using Quick Find? If you can get the same results with Perform Find, you then have the option of using extend found set to add the found records to those already in your found set.