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    Extending found set



      Extending found set


      In a script I performing a find then constraining the set by other criterea, Then I'm trying to extend found set looking for a specific name in the fileds I select, However when it gets to that step I get the dialog box no records match this request if the name does not appear in one or more of the fields I am searching. Is there any way to continue with the script finding the other critera without stopping the search?

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          Exactly how did you attempt to do this part? "Then I'm trying to extend found set looking for a specific name in the fileds I select,"

          It sounds like you entered your name into several different fields of the same find request instead of using a separate request for each such field.

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            Extend found set Field one Critera "approved"

            Enxtend found set field two criteral "approved"

            If there is an approved in both fields the script will run fine and the records will be found if there is only approved in field one the script with stop at the field two search with the dialog box "No records matcvh this find critera.

            Should I use a particular oporator? I need it to think more like "or" and less like "and"

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              Try adding Set Error Capture[on] To your script before you perform finds or extend found sets. This will keep a case where a specific perform find or extend found set step from interrupting the script with a "no records match" dialog.

              You can also use this approach for your criteria:

              Enter criterion into field 1.

              New record/request

              Enter criterion into field 2.

              New Record/Request

              Enter criterion into field 3

              Set Error Capture [on]

              Extend Found Set[]

              This extends the found set to include records matching the criteria you specified for field 1 or field 2 or field 3...