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external container import / lookup

Question asked by greaterthandata on Jun 11, 2014


external container import / lookup


               Is there a way to force a 'relookup' of a container field?


     we are creating a database that will store images, replacing an existing (non-filemaker) database that did the same thing. The filemaker database is using an external (open) container for storing the actual images.


     We are importing from the existing database field data including the file path whether the existing image resides ... then running a script to import the actual images into the container field by simply looping through the records and doing an 'insert file' using the file path from the data we imported. By doing things this way, we are copying the image from where it currently resides to a new folder that holds all containers. Making a copy is ok, as we want the legacy system to still work until we are completely finished with the project.


     Everything is working well, but the process is VERY SLOW ... given that we have over 100,000 images to do ... and so I am trying to find a faster way to accomplish the task.


     Ideally i wanted to drag over all the images (outside of filemaker) from their current location into the filemaker container folder ... then somehow within filemaker run a command to 'connect' each record to the new file. Remember each record has the file name and file path, so I thought this would be easy, but I can't figure out how to accomplish it.


     Ironically ... we have an "open image" script which does open the file if we drag and drop the images outside of filemaker (the "open image" button is just an open url with the container path and file name ... so it makes sense that this works), but we dont get an image 'preview' appearing in the container field itself.


     In other words, I dont know how to force a container to 'relookup' it's image so that the preview works.


     thank you in advance for your help!