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External data base issue ...

Question asked by Matty_1 on Jul 19, 2013
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External data base issue ...


     Hello, I'm having issues with one of my external databases.  I currently have multiple double file data base models (sorry I forget the proper term used for this) where the layouts are in one file and the data stored in another.   I've been using this without issues for sometime now.  Just the other day I wanted to pull some employee information into one of our systems so I did like I always do and added an external data source, found the database, added an occurrence and then used it like any other.  I also made sure the user name and passwords where the same between each data base.  The day itself that I installed this everything worked fine and the following day it stopped working.

     When I go to enter the area where the employee data base needs to be accessed I'm prompted to enter my username and password.  Once I do so I get the following message and the field does not function properly.


          “HR Portal - Data” is currently in use and could not be opened.  If the file is shared, you can use the Open Remote command to open the file on the network.  (If you’ve opened the file before, check the Open Recent menu.)

     Any ideas as to what's causing this?  Thanks!