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External Data Entry

Question asked by Marty1 on Aug 8, 2011
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External Data Entry


 Good day,

I have a relatively simple database, consisting of customers split geographically and managed by an account manager. I can control this via 'value lists'. The account managers visit the customers and count the customers inventory, which is currently phoned in and manually adjusted.

What I wish to do is allow the account managers to send in information via a recognised filemaker format, and then to either import / update or run a script to read the account managers file and update a specific customers inventory account.

This process can not be done 'live', i.e the managers accessing the server. I cannot sent the managers the database to update as possibly several will need to change is simultaneously.

Is there such a way to read a data file and amend the customers details accordingly, also adding say a notes or comment document to the customers database, this would need to be sequential and kept for future records.

I hope this makes sense and look forward to your comments

Best regards

Marty Rye