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    External Data Entry



      External Data Entry


       Good day,

      I have a relatively simple database, consisting of customers split geographically and managed by an account manager. I can control this via 'value lists'. The account managers visit the customers and count the customers inventory, which is currently phoned in and manually adjusted.

      What I wish to do is allow the account managers to send in information via a recognised filemaker format, and then to either import / update or run a script to read the account managers file and update a specific customers inventory account.

      This process can not be done 'live', i.e the managers accessing the server. I cannot sent the managers the database to update as possibly several will need to change is simultaneously.

      Is there such a way to read a data file and amend the customers details accordingly, also adding say a notes or comment document to the customers database, this would need to be sequential and kept for future records.

      I hope this makes sense and look forward to your comments

      Best regards

      Marty Rye  

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          It's doable. Check out Import Records--which can be performed manually or via script.

          You can send your managers out with a computer, an iPhone or an iPad with an empty copy of a filemaker file loaded on it. They collect the data in this file and then you can use import records to pull that data into your database.

          Import records can add new records, update existing records or both. It has a lot of options and can produce profound changes to the data in your file which cannot be undone, so read up on the process, make lots of back up copies and test things thoroughly before going into production.

          Don't hesitate to post back here with follow up questions once you've researched the basic concept.