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    External Data Reference validation



      External Data Reference validation



      I have two questions about External Data References used with FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Server 11.


      1. Does the order of the external file reference affect the time to connect when opening the parent database?

          ex: fmnet:/whserver/mydatabase.fp7



      2. Will the database freeze if one of these file references are invalid?



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          The order can make a difference in some cases.

          A bad external data source reference should not freeze the database. Filemaker starts with the first reference and keeps working down the list until it gets a reference that works. If it gets to the end of the list without finding a file to open, you get a file not found dialog box.

          Note that if you have a reference that specfies an IP address that is invalid, FileMaker takes a very long time determining that the address is invalid before attempting the next reference in the list. I have a case where the IP address is to an emergency back up server where the files are kept closed unless the primary server fails. I had to make sure the relative path reference was listed first to avoid delays when the file opens.