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External Data Source and IWP

Question asked by catinthehat on Feb 14, 2012
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External Data Source and IWP


I am trying to share a database via IWP. I created this database using an external dat a source. the reson being that I wanted it to be secure and not have to share my whole database, only the 1 layout that I need. Problem is its not showing up on IWP. I see the header and all the field names but no records show up.

Here is what someone else wrote about this issue. Some more clarification would be really helpful. Where do I include the username and password for the external data source?

Do you have your user name and password for the external data source specified under Manage External Data Sources?  IWP/CWP cannot prompt the user for the additional database password, so it has to be embedded.  I was having this same problem until I included the user name and password.

BTW I'm running FM 7.