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    External Data Source selection



      External Data Source selection


           I want to use a Table from File A in File B. I went to Manage > External Data Source & entered File A.

           I am missing the step on making a Table in File A show up in File B's Relationship so i can connect it to a File B Table.

           I understand the last step will be to make a Layout that uses the File A Table, but don't know how to get to it.

           Help appreciated.

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               If you have already used Manage | external data sources to define the external data source....

               Open Manage | Database | Relationships.

               Click the button at the very far bottom left in this window to create a new Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?.

               Select the desired table from the list of tables in the scrolling box.

               Name your table occurrence and you now have a table occurrence that refers to your table in the external file.

               You can use New Layout to create a layout that refers to it.

               If you hadn't already used Manage | External Data Source to create the external data source reference, you can skip that step and use Add FileMaker Data Source from the Data Source drop down in the top of this dialog.