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    External Data Source Update



      External Data Source Update


      When using another filemaker file as external data source, does the data from these fields update automatically? I edited the file which is used as the external source, closed it, and opened the file that contains it as a data source, but none of the information in the records had changed. Is there some way to force it to update, or does it only display the data from the time of it's creation?

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          Data from a table in another file is updated or not updated by the same rules as a table in the same file. There are two basic methods for linking to related data. One option copies the data from the related table to a field in the other table. This data will not automatically update when data in the original table is modified. The other option is a dynamic link to the data via an unstored calculation field or by the simple expedient of putting a field from Table 1 on a layout based on the related table 2. In this second case, modifying the data in Table 1 will automatically update the data shown in data 2.