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External Data sources

Question asked by mattb on Dec 7, 2009
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External Data sources


The commercial app that I'm rebuilding in FMP (OSX) is an ideal candidate for using external data sources.  I have a set of layouts in the main DB, some of which are designed to be used with tables from external FMP databases.  These external databases are basically raw data in tables, no layouts.  I successfully set up an external data source and was able to successfully display data from this external source in a layout contained in the main DB, so the functionality works, BUT...


Is it absolutely necessary that each external data source table be referenced in the Relationships window of the main DB?  I ask this because my app potentially has access to 91 external FMP DB's, each with at least 3 tables, sometimes more, so we're talking about adding in excess of 300 table references to one screen!  If I had to add each and every external table to the main Relationships window in order for them to function in this fashion, that would be an awfully dense screen even if each referenced table is minimized.  These tables just need to lie loose anyway, there are no relationships going on.  They are just being accessed by layouts in the main DB.


I was hoping on the layout itself I could specify the external source, but it seems to want that external source reference in the Relationships window to be present before it will give me access to that data.  Is this the only way to accomplish external data access???


I'm trying to avoid adding duplicate layouts to the external DBs and running them as separate apps.  




Matt Bloomfield