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External Data Sources and relationships

Question asked by JohnStewart on Jun 10, 2013
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External Data Sources and relationships


     Hi All,

     very new to filemaker just trying on a trial basis to see if it can do what I need it to do. I want to use filemaker exclusively for reporting on data in some MS SQL tables. I have gone through all the ODBC and managed to connect to MS SQL tables and see them in my relationship diagram. 

     The trouble I have is defining the relationships between mutliple tables in the external data. For example there are 2 tables, I know the primary and foreign key, I know it should be one-many, but when I drag the field from one table to another I get the following relationship symbol. Because these are external tabels I can't turn on Unique values, so is there any other way I can tell filemaker what type of relationship to set up??

     Very lost. Any help would be appreciated.