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External data sources help

Question asked by mj_hope2010 on Mar 23, 2010
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External data sources help


So I have a filemaker database that I'm running on an ipod (using FMtouch) to collect data. Now what I want to do is to get this data from a PC (running filemaker pro advanced) to an SQL database. I made an ODBC system DSN, and set this up as an external data source in filemaker. The database I'm working with has a folder called 'Tables', in which the table I need to work with sits...also in this folder is another folder called 'system tables' which contains a bunch of tables I don't want to touch. So when I go into manage database, click on the 'realtionships' tab, and then try to add one of the tables I'm working with from the SQL database, it only shows me those 'system tables', not the ones I actually want to work with. I've played with all the options I can come up with but I'm not getting anywhere. Any suggestions? I can't even figure out why FM is doing it that it's automatically looking into the deepest level of organization? Thanks in advance!