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    External database question



      External database question



      I have a filemaker database that connects to an external data file over the internet.  So we have Filemaker_Interface.fp7 that connects to filemaker_Data.fp7.  Is there a way to meld this database file and the Flemaker file that connects to it?  I know that it can continue to be an external file, but I'd rather have the database and solution combined.  I'm not overly concerned about the data.

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          Can you just import the external file as a new table, then import the scripts, then make whatever tweeks it needs to reference the new table rather than the external file?

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            Once you have imported the tables with their records into the interface file (Specify "New Table" as the target table), you can open Manage | Database | Relationships, double click each "box" found there that was not created during this import and redirect them to the newly imported table. At your option, you can then delete the occurrence boxes created during import to return this window to its original appearance.

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               I'm struggling with this.  I can't import the files unless the external datasource is set up.  If I delete it from manage/external sources, the import option is disabled.  If I import the tables with the external database set up, the files are imported, with a 2 after their name.  When I click on the old relationships, the file selection is disabled.  Creating the relationships manually doesnt help.  After importing the tables, I disconnected the externally defined file, but the relationships remained grayed out with fiile missing displayed.

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                 Solved.  After I figured out what boxes Phil was talking about, ( the statement " double click each "box" found there that was not created during this import " was throwing me for a loop ) I was able to make it work. 

                After importing each file as a new table, I renamed them by removing the 2.  I then went into relationships and clicked on the original file, saw that it's datasource was the external file.  So I changed this to the solution datasource, selected the name and all is well.