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    external datasource



      external datasource


      hello again,


      Im having problems getting this to work,


      I have 10 external datasource.











       I have created a value list to include the name of 1 2 3 4 so on.


      what i want to do is when i click on the drop down menu is to pick a name (10) and it will bring me to that external datasource that i picked.


      what im asking is how to create a script to do this.

      the script that i create i would like to use as a script trigger OnObjectModify.

      Is this posible



      Any help would be greatly appreciated






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          You need to supply more information. I am unclear on what you are asking for. Please try to be more explicit. Abstract examples do not help.

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            Are you talking about going to a layout that shows you the records from the specified Data Source?


            You would need 10 different layouts...pass a script parameter to the script and use If...Else If to tell FileMaker what layout actually want to go to.

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              ok i have 11 data sources.


              tracker 1

              tracker 2

              tracker 3

              tracker 4

              tracker 5

              tracker 6

              tracker 7

              tracker 8

              tracker 9


              Document library



              I have a main datasource call ( business portal)



              on business portal i have a drop down list of all external data source file names



              what i would like to do is say i click the drop down and select tracker 2

              i would like to automaticly open tracker 2 with teh current user/pass and so on for the rest of the data sources



              ive done this for navigating layouts witthin a datasource

              i just dont know how to do this for external datasource


              thank you i hope this is a little clearer\


              fm10 advanced




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                Hold on. When you mean external data source do you mean another filemaker file or do you mean an ESS source?



                I am gonna guess and assume you mean file. You can use an onObjectModify script trigger to call a script that takes your selected field value and then depending on it open the file tha tyou want with a series of If/ElseIf.


                If [ gSelectSource = "tracker1" ]

                Open File [ Tracker1 ]

                ElseIf [ gSelectSource = "tracker2" ]

                Open File [ Tracker2 ]




                End If

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                  its another Filemaker file


                  hope tyhis helps