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    External functions



      External functions


      Hello again,


      I have 10 identical databases everything about them is identical. Here is what I am trying to do.


      1. Have 1 database that can pull information from all 10 db's

      2. Create 1 report from the information pulled from all 10 db's



      all db's have this.

      Program hours rate , grouped total hrs grouped total


      I want to pull all this info from all db's and have em add up


      hope this helps you understand it more






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          My first shot would be to create an import script and import all the records from all 10 DBs into one Master DB.  Then run the reports from there.




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               If the databases are identical in structure (or even if they weren't) you can set up relationships between them, or the tables within them, to generate the sort of report you need. When you say "10 databases" you mean 10 distinct files, no? Or do you mean "tables"? Either way it can all be done without making another database. You may, however, need to create Table Occurrences to get the proper relationships.
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              You don't say why you have created 10 identical databases.  Why do you not have one database and ten users?