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External ODBC connections make Filemaker Crash

Question asked by ThijsKuperus on Jan 31, 2012


External ODBC connections make Filemaker Crash



Some important specs up front: FMAdvanced Server 9.3, FM Pro Advanced 11 client. Server runs on Windows 2003 Web edition without SP, Client runs on Windows XP - SP 3, .NET 4.

I need to transfer data from a huge Filemaker System to an MS-SQL server on a frequent basis. The Filemaker system consist of around 80 DB files with each 10+ tables. A huge network of relations is between these DB files.

We used to transfer the data from FM to SQL using a special FM script. Because our control over that process (on a DATA level and SYSTEM level) wasn't sufficient, we created an external tool using ODBC to transfer the data from FM to SQL.

To speed things up, this external tool caches ODBC connections. Therefor, once the tool starts, it permanently keeps about 35 ODBC connections to the FM server up.

One LAST synchronization script hasn't been moved yet, because it involves some data manipulation in FM. This script does an import from SQL to FM.

Since we have the ODBC tool up and running, the FM sync crashes. The FM stays locked in memory, uses about 65% of the CPU. The server however is doing nothing. When I kill the ODBC tool and restart FM, FM works again.

Besides these tools, we have about 25-35 concurrent users on the system.

HELP! I have no idea where to start resolving this problem.

Is there for instance a maximum ODBC connection or something? Could this be a licensing problem? Is there a maximum on ODBC connections in the ODBC driver?

Thx in Advance,

Thijs Kuperus