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External photo storage problem

Question asked by JCPython on Jul 7, 2012
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External photo storage problem


Ok ill describe the situation...

I created a runtime solution on filemaker pro adv 11 and have hundreds of users using it to enter there records, when i got filemaker pro adv 12 i converted my solutions master fp.7 file to fmp.12 and began creating updates for my users and allowed for them to use the import features within the program, i always use the same bindkey for my runtime updates (not sure if that helps).


i tried adding a convert file script in the program to converts the users old .USR file but that proved to not work which is unknown why, or in similiar situations it will convert it to fmp12 and when they try to import it will do the script but nothing gets imported until i go to the script and click the specify button on one of the table import script steps and it gives me a pop up msg stating something about it needing a one time authorization of the file, once i authorize it and run the same script it then works, however because external storage wasnt doable in fm11 and now i use that feature in fm12, the photos are not showing up when performing the upgrade wizard to run the import script...


if i continue to have the images embeded in the program then it runs extremely slow due to the themes feature which i read that its a known issue to use theme and expect the program to run slow. but when photos are store externaly it didnt seem to run as slow.


in a perfect world, i would just like to have a script that when a button is clicked the user is prompted to find his prgram.USR file and it converts it, then the user can use my upgrade wiazrd which prompts them to locate the newly converted file and all the records including photos are imported into the solution.


does anyone have any good script examples on how this can be done, i spent around 14 hours testing and moding scripts and more testing and i just cant seem to get anywheres....starting to wish i never upgraded to fm12.


Any help would be so much appreciated! Thanks