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    External XML file



      External XML file



           Is it possible to read contents of extrnal XML file fo FileMaker and parse contents of XML to diffrent fields in FM database?

           If there's some plug-ins for this task, could you recommend them.



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               XML is one of the file formats from which FIleMaker can import data. You'll want to research this one in FileMaker Help as the "grammar" file used makes a big difference as to the results as I understand this process.

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                 Sorry, i didn't made my self clear in first post. In my need, parsing to FM have to be done by script. If i have understanded right, FM built-in XML import is manually performed action from File menu.

                 This is algorithm that needs to be processed :

                 1. Check if in folder is new xml files.

                 2. If new file found, read information from file to several fields in table.

                 3. Move xml file from folder to archieve folder.

                 For file management plug-ins are available but how aboyt XML reading. Is there some solution how info from XML file could be read?


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                   It can also be scripted. nearly every menu option in FileMaker has an equivalent script step and this is one of them.

                   However, step 1 will be an issue. Unless you place that folder inside your computer's documents folder, you'll need to use either a plug in or a system script to list the contents of that folder. There are a number of different plug ins that include the ability to list the contents of a folder. (There's a get function that can list the contents of all folders and files contained by your Documents folder.)

                   Step 3 can be implemented by inserting the file into a container field and then using Export Field Contents to export a copy to the archive folder. But you cannot delete the file so copied unless you use a system script or a file manipulation plug in.

                   You will not need a plug in for XML reading as you can map data from the XML file to specific fields in FileMaker as part of the import.