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Externally refferencing a Data base with a script

Question asked by IanKing on Nov 16, 2011
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Externally refferencing a Data base with a script


 Hello, sort of new to all this, picked this up to make a database for our company that can be continually updated with new product.

What I'm trying to do is then, create a seperate template file that will x-refference the data base and auto fill these products into a spec sheet that we then present to the clientell.

What I want to be abel to do is be able to write a script that would search the database I've built and auto update certain sections of our spec sheet. So say I know the manufacturer, I would enter that in and it would then either auto fill, or give me a drop down of all the model numbers so I can then choose which model I want, and then auto fill in the specs, image reff, and other information attached.

Am I making any sense? can someone point me in the right direction?


-One really lost intern