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    Extra Blank Page printing



      Extra Blank Page printing


      I have a single page layout that I Print. It always Prints a blank second page. I can not see anythiing below the page mark. How do I fix this? FMPA 11.x

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          Yes, but you have blank space below the page mark? If there is even one pixel more than will fit in the printable area determined by your printer driver/page size/page orientation, you'll get an extra blank page.

          Reduce the size of a layout part--usually the body--by dragging up on the part boundary while in layout mode or by clicking the part label and editing the number shown in the Height box on the Inspector's position tab to eliminate the blank page.

          You can save paper and ink if you enter preview mode and click the book icon to see if you still get a blank page.

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                 This helped me.  Thanks!