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    Extra pages at end of report with sliding fields



      Extra pages at end of report with sliding fields


      Problem: When generating a report with multiple pages of variable length fields that are enabled to "slide up" I get blank pages at the end.

      Background: I have a database with companies as records, each with 100 fields which may or may not be present and which are all of a variable length. I have created a report with a header, footer and a multiple page body (as indicated by the dotted page breaks) that has all possible fields with their "slide up" position feature enabled.

      Behavior: Although the slide up feature is working correctly it leaves all the extra blank pages at the end of the body.

      What I've Tried: I have made sure I have clicked the "Sliding up based on:", "All objects above" and "Also resize enclosing part" options in the Inspector in various combinations with no luck.

           Any ideas?