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    Extra pages between records when printing



      Extra pages between records when printing


      I inherited a Filemaker Pro database from my predecessor, and I know nothing at all about managing it.  I deleted a few outdated entry fields on the basic "page" because they were turning each record into a two page printed document, and I need to print single page records.  (I hope that's clear.)  But when I print, I still get the blank page where the data used to be.  There doesn't appear to be anything there when I poke about on the layout.  Can anyone tell me how to delete the ghost pages?

      Thank you!

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          Chances are that the Top margin + header + body + footer + bottom margin + any summary layout parts is larger than will fit on a single page. If it is even one pixel more than will fit on the page, you can get this extra blank page in your output.

          Try resizing the layout parts to make them smaller than they are now, checking by entering preview mode to see if you still get more than one page. You can also check the printing tab in layout set up to see if there are any margins specified that you can reduce.