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    Extra Printed Page



      Extra Printed Page


      It looks like at some point I made my layout too large and made it large tenough to partially pruint out on a second page. I have since resized my layout but the second, now blank, page still prints. How can I stop this?

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          When you look at the layout in Layout mode, is there a page break towards the bottom of the Body part? If so, you need to reduce the size of the body part.

          TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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            Other factors you can check are any margin settings you've might have made in layout setup...

            When checking for page breaks as TS_Oz suggests, first make sure that you've specified the paper size and orientation in print setup that you will use when you print from this layout.

            Also, if you are printing multiple records at one time in order to print your report, make sure that you don't have a blank record at the end of your found set. That's less likely to be the case, but it is possible.

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              It looks like changing the specified paper size to 8.5x13 fixed the issue. Thanks alot.

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                How can I make the changes in the print setup stay? Each time I close FMP and reopen it I have to reset all of the printing settings.

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                  You can include the Print Setup step in a script. If this is the same set up for every layout, this can be in a script that is performed when you open the file. (See File Options for a place to set that up.) If this is specific to a layout, the script that takes the user to this layout can include that step, or an OnLayoutEnter script trigger can perform such a script.