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    extra record created on an import script



      extra record created on an import script


      I have a sctipt that imports Excel data.  I import all of it into a single table, then parse out into  other tables.

      2 out of 3 of the sections work perfectly.  Just the last one, somehow creates an extra record with empty data in it. (except for the related data; invoice number)

      Script starts out going to each table and requesting new record.


      Then does the set variable/Set field for the parsing. Its all the same all down the line.


      Anyone with a bit of insight?



      (btw, what up with printing a script?  each line is a seperate page?) 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Without seeing your file or script, it is a little difficult to determine where the problem lies.


          If the last record in the single table is blank, then you would create a new record and replace the information in the fields.  Since no information exists, then nothing is entered with the Set Field steps.


          Are you doing any kind of evaluating before the new record is created?  That is, have you tried


          If [ not IsEmpty ( <key field> ) ]


          This checks to see if any information exists in the key field.  If so, then you can add the record and replace the information.


          Any other information you can provide may be helpful in determining the possible cause(s).



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            Thanks TSGal.


            I seemed to have fixed it.  I think the prob was in the checking of an existing record done improperly.


            thanks again.