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Extract Data from Piggybacked Field

Question asked by aklobby on Dec 19, 2012
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Extract Data from Piggybacked Field


     Filemaker beginner here and silly me tried to do an advanced trick without full knowledge of what I was doing. Using a data separation model and an oblgatory create, I created a field to hold all phone numbers and a field to hold all emails, this lets me enter multiple phone numbers and label them home, work etc.... I am then able to view this data in a web viewer and it is really cool.

     The problem I am having is now I need to use a phone number and an email as a primary number or email address and do not know how to do this. Can I somehow mark one of the numbers with a check box or button and have that copy into another field? If so, what calculation would work to accomplish this?

     Any advice (like, don't quit your day job) or any assistance is greatly appreciated.