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Extract Field Value from Portal Row

Question asked by tbcomputerguy on May 29, 2011
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Extract Field Value from Portal Row


I have a control sheet program that has currently three tables, control  sheets, papertypes and control_items and some other tables.  I have a  script that pulls all related papertypes from the papertypes table when a  certain criteria is met.  I also wish to implement a payout table.  A  lot of the fields in this payout table will be the the same amount as a  calculated see the attachments.

The screenshot depicts a lower table the main control sheet and a partial of the payouts or what it should look like correctly figured out.  I think I need a table linked to the the line items.  I was thinking too that the fields I am trying to duplicate or draw data from could be in the line items table and when a new line item is created a new record is created in the payout table.  Problem is, how would the payout table know which payout item is tied to proper line items.