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Extract Right portion of File Path

Question asked by sksmith2517 on Apr 3, 2013
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Extract Right portion of File Path


     I'd like to be able to capture the right portion of a file path in order to use that to drill down thru various folders to retrieve specific pictures. All the pictures will be in AV_Media folder on the GO Directory of the server James. But once inside the Pictures folder, there are numerous sub-folders; e.g. "Places" "Faces" "Working"... So I'm hoping to capture just the string to the right of

     //James/go/AV_Media/Pictures - whatever appears from this spot on.

     From this file path, //James/go/AV_Media/Pictures/Places/photo_lg_chad.jpg,

     Ii'd like to capture Places/photo_lg_chad.jpg

     I don't know how I should be using the Right function in conjunction with the Get function if indeed this is the correct way to start.


     The reason I want to do this is so that a user can go to the original image from a photo catalog database of all our pictures.  I think that once I have this info I can include it into a calculation or script to navigate to the original image on the server within our cross-platform office. The forum provided me the info whereby I can do this with PDF & Docs; but they are all in the same folder. In my current request there are multiple embeded folders.

     Thanks in advance for any help.