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    Extracting additional fields from Portal Value list



      Extracting additional fields from Portal Value list


      Hello, I need any input/help regarding what I thought would be a simple FM function.

      As shown in the picture, I have two data bases that are linked via the "Account Number". In my

      contacts Dbase is has the account number, name, email and division. In my quote Database when

      I create a new record, I have it set up so that when we type in the account number, only the contacts with

      the same account number appear on the drop list. Is it possible that when they have selected the relevent

      contact (on the quote side) that their additional information (e.g. email and division) be extracted from

      the contact dbase.

      Thank-you, I look forward to your feedback.



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          It's easier than you think provided you have a relationship between contacts and accounts that is based on a ContactID in addition to the relationship you already have.

          Define an auto-entered serial number field in Contacts. Use Replace Field Contents to assign serial numbers to all existing contacts and use an option in the replace field contents dialog to update the auto-enter settings so that the next new contact record will receive the correct ID number automatically.

          Add a matching number field in Quotes (Do not make it an auto-entered serial number)

          In Manage | Database | Relationships, click Contacts Link, then click the button with two plus signs to make a copy of this occurrence of Contacts. Link this new occurrence to quote dummy (am assuming your portal is to this occurrence), by contact ID to get this relationship:

          Quote Dummy::ContactID = Contacts Link 2::ContactID  (If you double clicke contacts link 2, you can rename this occurrence  if you want.)

          Add Quote Dummy::ContactID to your portal in place of Person to Quote. Format it with a two field value list where ContactID is in field 1 and Name is in Field 2. Select these fields from Contacts Link, "Include Only Related Values starting from Quote Dummy". Now, in your portal, add the Name, email and division fields from Contacts Link 2 to your portal row. When you select a contact in Quotes Dummy::Contact ID, these fields will automatically display data from the matching contacts record.