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Extracting data from a text file

Question asked by Matty_1 on Sep 27, 2012
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Extracting data from a text file



     We've reently started paying our vendors by electronic fund transfers via file upload.  Our EFT program outputs a simple text file contains all the apprpriate infomration for the banks to process the transfers.  Unfortunatly our accounting program does now have an email notification function so I'm looking to make one via filemaker pro.

     My question is: How can I tell FMP to find a particular text file, open it and start looking in the appropriate places for the required information.  I use a mac and I was playing around with the apple scripting which is completely new to me and was able to open the text program but I've had no luck with open a articular text file.

     Could someone shed some light?  I think if I can get FMP to open the file for me and have search within the document I should be ok after that.

     Thank you!