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    Extracting Data From One Line Portals...



      Extracting Data From One Line Portals...



           I have a layout used to display summary results in several one line portals.  For example, I use a count summary to return the number of complete test for a given product.  Then I use that in a one line portal to filter date ranges and omits, etc.  The layout is associated to Prodcuts Table and the portals are  associated to Tests table.  Thus I use the one line portals to display the filtered data. What I need to do is extract, or echo, the data result in the portal to another filed on another layout and export it to Excel.  So thus, if the one line portal says product A has been tested 25 times, I need to extract the result of 25 to a different filed not in a portal.  The same foes for the many other portals displaying Mean, Standard Deviation, Etc.  Is this possible and if so how do I go about extracting each result the from each portal? 

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               Summary data from filtered portals is "display only" as far as I have been able to figure out. You'll need to use a different method to compute the same summary total before you can access that data in a script or calculation.

               One method is to set up the necessary match fields to match values at the relationship level to reproduce the set of records being totaled in your filtered portal.

               Another method, FileMaker 12 only, is to set up a Query with ExecuteSQL that computes the same total.

               Both of these approaches can result in a calculation field that computes the same total and then you have a field you can use for exporting this data.

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                 Thanks Phil-

                 That's what I thought, strange to not have the ability in Filemaker, but I will give ExecuteSQL a try.  I have a feeling SQL will be my new goto.


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                   ExecuteSQL is major "game changer" in FileMaker 12. But it also can be frustrating to work with. It's hard to get good feedback when the query fails to work and the results are all crammed into a single field--which can limit it's utility in a number of areas.

                   But still a major change in capability compared to what Filemaker 11 and earilier can do.