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Extracting Data From Portal

Question asked by user15130 on Sep 22, 2011
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Extracting Data From Portal



I have a portal 'see attached' that has several line items.  Its like a check register but tracks inbound and outbound inventory items.

What I want to do is extract only items that match the 'MONTH' and 'YEAR'. So as you can see there are several 'September' and 'October' and 'November'.  I will add the 'YEAR' date calc later (The month and year are uto enters from date field).  I just forgot to add it.

What I am looking for is the total increases of each month.  So for September 2011 it would be 4,600 units and so on and os forth.  Seems easy but boy am I having difficulty with it. 

I guess I would like the results to filter a portal that way as the the months increase in the register and the years increase it does not break and the results for each month/year are line items in another portal.

Thank you.