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    Extracting data from selected database entries



      Extracting data from selected database entries


      Hi friends,


      I need your help.  I am doing a research study to look at patients' vision before and after a corneal surgery.  Out of the thousands of patients who have had the surgery and whose info is in my database, I have a pared-down list of about 150 patients who I want to study specifically, while excluding everyone else.


      I have the first name, last name, and vision of the patients I want to study as individual fields in my FileMaker database.   Given a list of patients (organized into columns for Last Name and First Name), how can I get Filemaker to complete my spreadsheet by inserting the vision data for those specific patients?


      Up till now I have been doing this manually and it gets very tedious to looks through hundreds of names to manually type in the vision I want for specific patients.


      Please help - thank you!


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          Howdy Cornea,

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unless you have a field that you can do a "find" on, it would be hard to accomplish what you're after.


          If you don't have that field already, there's a *fairly* easy way to create it manually so that you can then do a find.


          Create a field called "ThisOne".

          Create a layout in list view that has the pertinent info (enough to recognize the record) all on one line.

          Add a button to the line labelled "Select"

          Configure the button to:  Setfield[Table1::ThisOne;"gotcha"]

          In browse mode, in list view, scroll down the list and click the "select" button on the ones you want.

          When done, do a find in the "ThisOne" field for "gotcha" and you should have a found set of the records you want to export data from.


          (feel free to name the field or the value as pleases you...I like "gotcha", personally :) )


          Maybe another on the forum has an easier way...

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            I'll let someone finish this, but here's an approach... 


            Two tables, with a relationship of a return delimited list (the list of full names you want to focus on) to the table you've already created (where the match field in the original table is Full Name (created from Fist and Last by Calculation))...


            This works so that if one name in the returned delimited list is "matches" then there is a matched relationship. I forget if a field somewhere has to be global... The two tables can actually just be the same table, with two different table occurrences. End result is that the you'll be able to export to excel, after simply choosing from a drop down list of the names you want to focus on, so you don't have to retype in names or vision data. 


            This is fuzzy.. I know...