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Extracting data from selected database entries

Question asked by Cornea on Mar 10, 2009
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Extracting data from selected database entries


Hi friends,


I need your help.  I am doing a research study to look at patients' vision before and after a corneal surgery.  Out of the thousands of patients who have had the surgery and whose info is in my database, I have a pared-down list of about 150 patients who I want to study specifically, while excluding everyone else.


I have the first name, last name, and vision of the patients I want to study as individual fields in my FileMaker database.   Given a list of patients (organized into columns for Last Name and First Name), how can I get Filemaker to complete my spreadsheet by inserting the vision data for those specific patients?


Up till now I have been doing this manually and it gets very tedious to looks through hundreds of names to manually type in the vision I want for specific patients.


Please help - thank you!