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Extracting date

Question asked by amlikhith on Apr 3, 2012
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Extracting date


I would like to create a number string using various aspect of a date. For eg. I want to extract the day of the date in a 2 digit format ( 03 for 3rd June) along with a 2 digit month format ( 06 for June) and also a 2 digit year format (65 for 1965). I used year(date) but it only returns a 4-digt date, a  day(date) returns one or two digits.

I want to string these numbers with another unique number. If I use & "" &, can the long string be still calculated as a number of should I used 100000000* dd + 1000000*mm + 10000*yy + nnnn to make sure that the final string is a number?

Thanks for your responses in advance.