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Extracting Names

Question asked by SusanLazear on Aug 18, 2012
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Extracting Names




I have been trying to extract a single field into the appropriate First, Middle, Last, Title, etc. fields.

using the help document

Extracting Title, First, Middle, and Last Name from a Single Field 

All works well, except for the Middle Name. I cannot get a name like Mary Elizabeth Smith to put the Elizabeth in my middle name field.  I have cut and pasted the information directly from the document above, using the exact same field names.


Case(IsEmpty(Title) = 1 and MiddleWords(FullName; 2; 1) - LastName; MiddleWords(FullName; 2; 1); 
IsEmpty(Title) = 0 and MiddleWords(FullName; 3; 1) - LastName; MiddleWords(FullName; 3; 1); "")

Any ideas?