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Extracting Summaries from Table Tennis Match Database

Question asked by johnhorner on Jun 6, 2011
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Extracting Summaries from Table Tennis Match Database


i have a database that i keep just for fun to track the results of ping pong matches that are played among a small number of players (4-5) who get together regularly to compete.  at the moment the database has three tables: games, results, and players.  the games table has 2 fields: the date, and the game serial number.  it is related to results using the game serial number and data is entered into a portal that displays two rows (one for each player).  the results contains the game serial number, the player name, that player's score, and a field ("wins") which contains a "1" if that player won the game (auto-enter calculation).  it's ridiculously simple.  however, despite several hours of tinkering, i cannot figure out how to display some basic summary information.  for example, it would be nice to display on each "game" record what the players stats (win/loss pct, avg point spread, or total points won and lost for example) are with regard to each other over their history.  i know how to get a player's total lifetime wins against all opponents, but i don't know how to filter this for his "current" opponent (or by any opponent for that matter!).  it seems there should be an easy way to do this?  is this the wrong structure to begin with?  any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!