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Extracting text from a website

Question asked by pdoak_1 on Feb 9, 2012
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Extracting text from a website


I am trying to extract a section of text from a website and have used Scriptmaster GetURLasText to put the html of the site into a variable within Filemaker Pro.  The URL of the website is:

I have then used the position function to find the position of 

in the HTML using position($htmltext;"nav_per_share_change_pct";1;1).  
However, this command returns 0 even though I know that the text is contained within the html.  
I am actually want the number that appears after this text and once I know the location of the text then I should be able to retrieve the number using the middle function.
What am I doing wrong and is there an easier way to get the number frome the website?