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extracting title and names from an rss feed

Question asked by ikkedendikke on Aug 20, 2011
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extracting title and names from an rss feed


Hi all,

I'm completely new to filemaker pro and i'm currently building my first database. The aim of this database is to have list containing names of journalists, and a list of articles from a website, linked together it should ultimately provide me a list of names of journalists and the amount of articles they wrote.

Right now i'm considering to get the articles via an RSS feed into filemaker. Then i hope filemaker can extract the title of each article and make a new record for each title. For each article it should also find the name of the author(s) and put them in another field. 

One big problem is that the name next to the 'author tag' in the rss feed is never the name of the journalist who wrote the piece, the names of the authors are always below the text. It aways looks like this:  © 2011 - StampMedia - "name 1" - "name 2 (if there is any)"

You can find the RSS feed here:

my questions: 

is it possible to extract the titles from the rss feed automaticaly, and how should i do this? 

is it possible to look for the exact text ' © 2011 - StampMedia -', then extract the name(s) behind this text and write them into a field?


Btw, i used search and google and didn't find any answers (yet)