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Extracting Values list information from a field

Question asked by RayGerman on Feb 28, 2014
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Extracting Values list information from a field




     I am working on a leave request form in Filemaker.


     I have created a field called “Purpose” with a Value list 





     Without pay


     I also have another field called Hours Requested. The end result would be an employee could request 8 hours of Sick Leave, Vacation, etc…


     Everything is working great, but I would like to have a report, where accounting can view each employee and be able to see sub-totals of how much sick leave, vacation, etc… each person took in a calendar year.


     I was thinking I would need to make a calculation field to separate the Purposes for each record so I could then put it in my sub-summary report, Attached is a calculation field called paid_time_off_in_hours Ibut it is not yielding the correct results.  Anyone have any ideas, what I am doing wrong?