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    Extreme Noob Question



      Extreme Noob Question



           I'd like to be able to make a searchable document that allows me to see what print specs are in use where in my workflow. I need to explain a little more so here goes. I would like to be able to make this document so that I can enter information in several categories that pertain to my proofing and colour management workflow which is based around different printing specifications. The categories I have are:

           Proofing workflow (name of workflow)

           Colourspace (name of print spec)

           Media (paper it is printing on to)

           Printer (model of printer used)

           RIP (which computer is driving the printer used)



           ICC Profile (Name of ICC profile that describes the colourspace)

           MX4 (Propriatory file that describes a transformation between 2 colourspaces)


           There are about 50 proofing workflows across 4 different RIPs driving 7 different printers. Some workflows are called the same as the colourspace but others are not. Workflows are replicated across different RIPs and printers but sometimes use different media. I have a Numbers spreadsheet that lists all of this but I would also like to incorporate the MX4 files into this database. It gets tricky here so I need to give examples. There are an infinite amount of different printing specs so I am going to choose 4 to illustrate the problem I have, they are:





           The MX4 files can take a PDF that is correct in one print spec and convert it so that it looks correct in another, so from ISO39L to ISO41L. I would like to be able to carry out a search of this database by typing in ISO41L for example and be able to see everywhere ISO41L is used in my workflow eg

           ISO4L workflow on RIP 1 printing on Epson 4900 using matt paper

           ISO4L workflow on RIP 2 printing on Epson 4900 using semi-matte paper 

           MX4 file converting ISO39L to ISO41L

           MX4 file converting from ISO41L to ISO47L

           etc etc

           Is Filemaker the software I need for this? If so how do I go about building it?



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               I am handicapped by the fact that I am not familiar with the processes you need to support, but from what I read, it would seem that you need two tables linked in a relationship. One table would have one record for each workflow and another would have a records for each PrintingSpec(Colourspace). Since it appears that more than one workflow can refer to the same colourspace.

               Whether or not that works for you, FileMaker is a database and being able to query the database to find all records with a specific value (Such as your colourspace ID) is a fundamental capability of any database application--including fileMaker.

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                 Thanks for the rapid reply! I know nothing about database creation or management so I am kind of flying blind here. I think you have grasped it, I can have different workflows on different machines that print in the same colourspace/print spec. I'm pretty certain a spreadsheet could handle that info, in fact I have one using all the info I need. Adding the MX4 files to it is the problem as there could be loads of of them. How would I go about creating this monster?



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                   And how can I turn it into a searchable document that anyone can use?

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                     I have no real understanding of how you would use the MX4 files. All I know is that it appears to enable you to use one colourspace spec to produce results that are really in a different colourspace. That would seem to imply two print specs--the original and the "converted" version produced by using the MX4 data to produce the needed conversion. That implies that each MX4 document needs to link to two colourspace records--but I could be very wrong in my understanding of this.

                     You'll need to either hire the database expertise that you need or invest time and possibly dollars in acquiring the knowledge about Filemaker and relational databases to do what you want.

                     The simple answer to:

                     And how can I turn it into a searchable document that anyone can use?

                     Is that any database--not just fileMaker is a "searchable document" as a built in capability. In FileMaker, you can enter find mode, specify some search criteria such as ISO39L and click the perform find button to find all records with that text in that field.

                     But it's the design of the tables, relationships and layouts that will take a considerable investment on your part to make this a working system for you.

                     Here's a free tutorial on FileMaker for beginner developers, but there are also many other training resources available to you:


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                       Thanks for taking the time to try and make sense of this, I do appreciate it. I have the trial version so am going to spend a few hours seeing if I can make this fit...