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Extremely Slow Find Requests

Question asked by j.wegner on May 19, 2010
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Extremely Slow Find Requests


Hey all,


I've posted about our DB running slow in the past, but the fix I tried before seems to not have done much.


Here is a description of our setup :


FileMaker Server 9 running on a Windows 2003 Server.  The server is dedicated to FMS only.

All access to the filemaker is through our LAN, so there should be no problems with internet speeds.

Most people are attempting to access the DB through FileMaker Pro 9 on Windows XP machines, however, some use Mac(Macs are generally even slower than the windows boxes).


The most crucial point of slow down is on our schedules.  We have a DB of 26,000 records, each pertaining to a different job, step, and machine.  We have different schedules set up, and are accessed via a script that performs a find depending on the step and machine we want.


For instance, the script would look similar to :


Enter Find Mode[Restore] (Find records where process="Diecut", scheduled="yes", completed="no", deleted="no")

Set Field[Job Form Steps::machine; $machine]($machine might be "Brausse")

Perform Find[]


This script is EXTREMELY slow, specifically on the Perform Find[] step.  I've tried a couple different methods of searching, and nothing seems to be speeding it up significantly.  Is there anything I can do to make find requests faster, or am I pretty much screwed with 26,000 records?



I will do a database design report tonight, and post a copy of the scripts that are involved in this process.


Thanks a lot,