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F/UP: Can Filemaker be used to create an Employee Time Sheet?

Question asked by paul350passaic on Jun 14, 2013
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F/UP: Can Filemaker be used to create an Employee Time Sheet?




     Hi Philmodjunk. Follow up with your suggestion for "Editing record access privileges". I tried using the calculation "Record_creation_date = Get(AccountName)" to set privileges so that only specific record created by that user can be viewed. 

     but I got lost on the part where it says use the following calculation when defining the custom record privileges... what I did was I set a field for automatic accountname, then I went to security to set Privilege> then created new>records then i selected custom priv. >select the table then under set privileges: view, I chose Limited then enter the "Record_creation_date = Get(AccountName)" calculation. I used it to one of the account. But I’m getting an error saying, "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action." when logging in and cant even access the database. I mean its completely blocked to view the database. Another roadblock for me. 

     is there another parameter I need to check or allow under that same table for access privilege? Please help :) thanks in advance!