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    Facetime in FileMaker?



      Facetime in FileMaker?


           Hi all,

           For some of my Mac users I can see the use to having Facetime embedded into the Filemaker system I made. Is there a way to add a Facetime button to Filemaker database? Instead of having say just an email button, I could have a Facetime button which would call them on their Mac.

           Any idea how I'd implement this?

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               I'm not a mac user.

               Does facetime work through a web browser or is it a separate application?

               If it's an application, you may be able to use send event to open that application.

               If it uses your web browser, you may be able to either use Open URL to launch the user's default web browser, set to a specified URL or you may be able to do the same with a web browser to put that web page in a window that's part of your layout.