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Failing to find from a related database field

Question asked by Infectiologue on Apr 19, 2011
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Failing to find from a related database field


I am having trouble getting a find to work.

Two databases, linked many to many by medical record number (MRN). They are called in the relationship graph (both are external and not related to any tables in the current DB).

The layout shows db1 with related fields from db2; most have NO match in db2. I can sort to find the records with something from db2 showing up. 

If I search on field in db1, I can find all records on a service (Ortho). 

If I search on field from db2, I get no records matching, even though I see them. The field I am searching on is not a calculation, but rather the MRN that makes the match.

This does not work as a single search (Orhto AND MRN>0) or as a series 

Service=Ortho, then constain set for MRN > 0. 

Any idea why this doesn't work? I know it won't work if I'm using an unstored calculation, but this isn't. 

Thanks for your help,

Mark (infectiologue)