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    Failure to import



      Failure to import



           Would like to import records from one FileMaker DB to another.

           What i have tried:

           *Normal Import from the File Menu

           *I tried importing from XML and xls (Excel) Formats

           * I cloned the Target DB and tried to to Import the same records from it but still failed.

           Any help pls

           NB:Not sure if its because i'm using tabs

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               There are many options for how you might import data from a table in one FileMaker file into a table in another FileMaker file and you can even do this for two tables in the same file.

               You'll need to spell out, in detail the exact steps taken/options selected by you when you attempted to import the data.

               And then, please tell us the exact results that you get as that can be a clue as to why it failed for you. (Don't just tell us that it didn't work, describe how it didn't work...)

               Some basic details:

               Import Records | File, can be used to import records directly from one FileMaker Table into another. You do not need to export the data another file such as a tab or XML file from the source table before importing that data into the target table as long as both Files have the same file format (You can't directly import data from a .fp7 (FileMaker 7-11 versions use this format) file into a .fmp12 (FileMaker 12 and 13) file.)

               When you select Import Records | FIle from the file menu instead of setting up a script to import records, you cannot select a target table after selecting this menu option. Instead, it will be automatically set to import data into the table specified as the basis for your current layout. To import into a different table, select a layout based on that different table.

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                 OS ver? FMP ver? Database source and destination file version? One table or more?  Databases on your computer or network? Have you ever imported before?

                 Choosing import from file menu, asks for source - you can choose the source? It shows you the fields in source and destination. If names match, they line up and the symbol between the fields shows the fields that will be imported to which fields.

                 Import to Filemaker links.


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                   Hi Phil and David

                   Thanks for your prompt reply i really appreciate.

                   Yes, i have imported in FileMaker before. I have developed and give support to more than 343 Health Facilities using FileMaker DB.


                   * Win7 (64-bit)

                   *FMPA (FileMaker Pro Advanced 12v2)

                   *The DB Source and Destination are both in FMPA 12, Using the exact same Table structure.

                   * Im trying to import 1 Table only

                   * Its a standalone DB , not on FileMaker network (or others)

                   *I tried several times importing using Menu->File->Import record, thats why i tried importing in other formats as XML,CSV etc.

                   Below please see the error message


                   Kind regards




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                     To repeat: You'll need to spell out, in detail the exact steps taken/options selected by you when you attempted to import the data.

                     There are many options you might specify during the import process and we need to know what options were selected.

                     From the dialog that you posted, it appears that you imported data into an existing table. The info shown indicates that the data being imported failed validation such as importing text into a date field, but this can also be due to field validation options specified by the developer such as a unique values validation option.

                     So you have two things to double check: your field mapping--did you map fields from source table to fields in the target table that can accept data of that type and the validation field options that are specified for each field in the target table.