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Failure to maintain date formatting

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Dec 27, 2010
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Failure to maintain date formatting



I'm using FMPA 11 on Mac OSX 10.6.5. I've just encountered an annoying problem that I've traced back to when I updated from FMPA 10 to 11. I have a text field auto-entered by calculation. It concatenates a five digit  field and a date field. The date field is formatted to include leading zeroes for day and month, year is four digits, and "/" is the separator. This has always generated a fifteen character string. Since FMPA11 the leading zeroes are not showing up in the resulting field. "FORUM01/02/2011" is now coming up "FORUM1/2/2011". The zeroes ARE in the date field. This has worked perfectly for years. So, a calculation that worked fine as GetAsDate(Right(PROD_DAT;10)) must now be  GetAsDate(Middle(PROD_DAT;6;10)) for it to evaluate correctly if the field is 13 or 14 characters long. 

    Am I missing something here?