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    FAQ drop down list



      FAQ drop down list


           I would like to put an FAQ drop down list on every visible layout that I have.  Each layout is a different table all realted in various ways via a main table occurance CLIENTS.

           I created a table FAQ and created a relationship between CLIENTS and FAQ via __kf_faq = __kp_faq.

           The field "How do I question" (table FAQ) will not show up on the layout Clients (table Clients)

           I am thinking I may have to to do the questons and answers for the faq on a layout based on each table (Clients, Jobs, Invoicing, etc).

           Is there a shorter and better way to do this?  Am I doing something wrong in my relationships?

           Thank you for any help you can give.

           Carolyn Haywood


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               You don't need a relationship to create a drop down list.  I created a sample app, but if your questions / answer are long you might want to consider another method than a drop down list.   


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                 Thank you.  I created a table and a layout based on that table.  Each record had a header as the question and the body as the answer (some were long).  I ended up making a custom help menu with a script for each question that brought up the correct record.  There were 17 questions so not too many.


                 Still, for the future, I am looking for a way to put a drop down list of faqs on each visible layout on the database.  I am wondering if I have to make a table occurance and form a relationship for each table occurance that the layouts are based on?  If so, I am not sure how to relate them.  Tables include CLIENTS, JOBS, INVOICES, TASKS, PROPOSALS, ADMIN.  Those are also the names of the layouts.

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                   A relationship is not required for a drop down list. 

                   You can create a relationship to show the answer after the question is selected.  Create a relationship between the dropdown field and the question field.

                   I updated the sample file. Maybe this will work better for you.


                   In the sample I made the dropdown field a global field which could be used on any layout.  

                   You can change this from a global field then you would have to have a dropdown field in each table, then related that field to the question field. 

                   Depends on your needs.  


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                     I will try this out as soon as I get off work.