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FAQ drop down list

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Nov 17, 2012
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FAQ drop down list


     I would like to put an FAQ drop down list on every visible layout that I have.  Each layout is a different table all realted in various ways via a main table occurance CLIENTS.

     I created a table FAQ and created a relationship between CLIENTS and FAQ via __kf_faq = __kp_faq.

     The field "How do I question" (table FAQ) will not show up on the layout Clients (table Clients)

     I am thinking I may have to to do the questons and answers for the faq on a layout based on each table (Clients, Jobs, Invoicing, etc).

     Is there a shorter and better way to do this?  Am I doing something wrong in my relationships?

     Thank you for any help you can give.

     Carolyn Haywood