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    Faster Remote Connection



      Faster Remote Connection


      Hi Everyone,

      I was connecting to a remote DB hosted by FM Server and keep getting frustrated by the slow speed and amount of time it takes to run some scripts or even change layouts.

      The Internet connection of the place hosting the DB is 6Mb/s Down and about 500Kb/s up. Some layouts are simple and others contain a few images.

      As im sure that im not the only one who has experienced this before I was wondering what some people do to get around this issue. What other options do I have? if any.



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          I have similar issues.  It is quite frustrating.  All I can say, is that your UP speed matters.  If you can get that to be faster, it will be helpful.  I am still waiting for further illumination on this problem.

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            If you'd run Filemaker Pro on a remote desktop server in the same local network as your filemaker server, you'd be able to use remote-desktop on any OS to connect to the rdp-server. The only thing running over the internet is your screen-changes.

            The advantages are:
            1) You can use just one computer for multiple  users at a time
            2) Any OS (even linux) can be used
            3) The rdp-protocol is fairly quick (on a windows rdp-server though) so even with a relatively low bandwidth it run quickly.

            1) You will need a special SBA- or a VLA-licence for Filemaker Pro to be able to serve more than one user at a time and of coarse youneed to set up a rdp-server.
            2) You need to set up VPN or SSHD to make secure connections, i would not recommend direct RDP, although that works fine, it's not safe.
            3) If you only have one or two remote users, this is a relatively expensive solution.

            regards, Menno